The family Yeti have flown to us on the Earth from the far-away planet which melt because of the blaze on the Sun

That is why they are working so hard, cooling the world around, trying not to let it happen again.


Yeti are living in the fridges where there is ice-cream with the cartoon. But it is impossible to see them with the naked eye.


We have created a special app "My Yeti" and with the help of it you can watch them.



Yeti need your help! Help them cope with the heat on the Earth.

Collect all 20 parts

of ice-cream with the cartoon!

Dad Hoogu. A big do-gooder but he has -incredible physical power. He is covered with blue fur, a little bit chaotic like a bear. When he is vehemently stamping his feet, the avalanches come down from the tops of the mountains and ice on the lakes is cracking. He is a big friend, always ready to help. Yeti-Hoogu-Dad will help a friend!

The boy Vuvu. He is little and fluffy, his fur is shorter than his parents'. Vuvu is very live and fast. He can move very softly that is why when he runs past you with the speed of sound, you cannot only see him but also hear.

Mum Oppi. Like the whole family, she is covered in fur, but unlike Dad, her fur is smooth, silk and shiny. Not everybody knows that all ice-cream "Ice-cream with the cartoons" are her own recipes. At first sight they cannot be different from the usual ones but she adds a secret ingredient. Yeti-Oppi-Mum creates wonders with luck!

The girl Hola. Our heroine took after her Mum and has an amazing character. She is always in her thoughts, listens to music on her MP3, reads magazines and draws incredible prints which you can notice on the frozen window.

Meet the heroes!

Do you already have a magic Ice-cream with the cartoon?

Hooray! Then quickly use this app in order to see the adventures of the funny family of snow men - Yeti!


Point the camera at the code of the Ice-cream with the cartoon, enjoy its taste and watch the cartoon about wonderful adventures of Yeti!

First you need to find and download the app "My Yeti" into your mobile

On each packing of the ice-cream there is a unique code in the shape of a star

That is the code which opens the door to the world where our Yeti live!

Point the camera at the code and watch the cartoon about adventures of Yeti! Attention! Make the packing flat so that the code is visible!


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